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Evil Angelica

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Beginning around November 2000, a defacer known as "Evil Angelica" (EA) has consistantly defaced web pages with humorous material. While Attrition has never condoned defacing web pages for any reason, we often did get a laugh out of some of EA's defacements. Perhaps the most amusing and ironic was the "Bob the Ethical Burglar" defacement. An ongoing theme of EA has been taunting other defacer groups, often ridiculing their work or their (lack of) skills.

Bob the Ethical Burglar

Evil Angelica's most recent

Spoof of the Mentor's "Conscience of a Hacker"

Hacking for the Visually Impaired

Million Monkeys

Taunting other defacers

Mocking political events

Mocking the admins of the defaced machines

For a more thorough listing of EA's defacements:

Retrieved from "Evil_Angelica" - La historia nunca contada del underground hacker en la Península Ibérica.