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UNITED cRACKING FORCE (also known as uCF2000) were amongst the most renowned cracking groups to exist. Started in 1994 by mARQUIS dE sOIRE, they ruled the release scene for most part of the next decade.

They seem to have faded away now, but at their peak, along with PhrozenCrew, they went after most of the copy protection schemes out there. From anecdotal experience I know that uCF is credited for being the first to break the dongle protection scheme, though the claims have been doubted.[1]

United Cracking Force. Sin duda el mejor grupo de cracking existente actualmente. * Presidente: mARQUIS dE sOIRÉE * VicePresidente: tHE riDDLER * División de cracking:TwinHead, The Hand Of FATE!, MaC, tETSUO II, Misha, Lost Soul, fIREHAWK, ED!SON, BunteR, DjPAUL, SULIVIAN, MASTER OF HELL!, sATANAZ. * TradeDivision: DELEtER, BuZZ LiGHTYeaR, TOUTLAWS Canal de IRC: #UCF96 Algo suyo en :http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/2680/cracking.html [2]


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