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[ Presentation on Plug'n'Politics at CCC.]
[ Presentation on Plug'n'Politics at CCC.]
[ Presentation notes featuring Plug'n'Politics at PGA Belgrade.]

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Note: The proper name of this meeting is Plug'n'Politix, but for technical reason the page is called otherwise.

Plug'n'Politix was a loose network in Northern Europe, a process and a series of events to connect technology and politics, mostly in the context of hacklabs and in light of the recent developments on the Internet. At that time Internet connection was a bit like sci-fi and in many cities hacklabs were the first places to provide the public with Internet for free. This can be called access activism.

Plug'n'Politix was seen analogous of the Hackmeetings, and the idea to connect the two processes (in the North and the South), manifested as the Transnational Hackmeeting in June 2004, Croatia.

Plug'n'Politix events

  1. 2001 (October 5-7), Zurich: PNP1 Connect Congress, hosted by Egocity squat
  2. 2004 (December 3-5), Barcelona: PNP2 Connect Congress, hosted by Cyberforat squat
  3. 2004 (June), Pula: Transnational Hackmeeting, hosted by Paradiso squat


Connect mailing list archives (available after subscription)

Presentation on Plug'n'Politics at CCC.

Presentation notes featuring Plug'n'Politics at PGA Belgrade. - La historia nunca contada del underground hacker en la Península Ibérica.