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[[:Category:Hacker Groups|Category:Hacker Groups]]
[[:Category:Hacker Groups|Category:Hacker Groups]]

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Welcome to Hack Story

Here you'll find what we know -although you never know- about the history of hackers. Because we don't want the Internet old days be vanished into dead bits. Because we are proud of the hacker communities. Because we want they memory always alive. And running.

Hack Story's been built from the community to the community, with all its magic, its legends and adventures, its victories and its black steps. If you think into your heart or somebody has told you are a hacker, please find some minutes, breath, make yourself comfortable, take a view and let we know your own memories. Just use the Edit Link. Yez, it's everywhere.

Hack Story has born in the Iberian Peninsula, South Europe, so there are a lot of articles about iberian hackers. Feel free to add information about your geographic area, in the language you prefer.

Because we don't want to forget. Because we love the hacker world.


Category:Hacker Groups

Category:Jargon - La historia nunca contada del underground hacker en la Península Ibérica.