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Hack txt (1/6/16)



The end is near. We are not talking about the end of the world, nor are we a bunch of religious fanatics. In fact, we hate religion :) We hate a lot of other things. We hate oppression, we hate censorship, by all means, we hate corruption, we condemn the wrong use of state power and we will never sleep until winning the war against them. The end is near, Spain! The end of oppression, denial of basic human rights, the end of the censorship, the end of government backed robberies of your hard worked money, the end of all your sufferance. All we ask from you is unity! We call on you to become solitary, to be one! Together, there is nothing that can resist us! No government is stronger than the people, they just don´t want to learn from the mistakes that history teaches us, therefore we will have to teach them history ourselves, by any means necessary!

Today we will focus on you, people of Spain. You live in a beautiful country, with beautiful places. You are good people!

Spain is also the only EU member state that allows and applies censorship. The "Gag Law", known in Spanish as the "Ley Mordaza", is a law that places Spain in an exclusive group of dictatorship states that apply censorship and deny freedom of speech and basic human rights, group which is also formed by Belarus, Russia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Cuba and group to which unfortunately more and more countries subscribe each year. We, Anonymous, cannot tolerate this behavior!

People of Spain, the events from the last years show that the basic foundation of the state is in danger. Corruption is at a higher level than ever, the poverty starts to rise, a country that was once the pearl of the western civilization is decaying to a dangerous grade. The political crisis is caused by politicians that cannot agree upon the stolen funds they need to share. They do not want to share. The state authority is becoming the corrupted system´s executioner. "Serve and protect" is a phrase that makes them laugh and that cannot be anything else but wrong. Do not forget that YOU are paying their wages. They are supposed to protect you, the Spanish people and not the corrupted government members or their own dirty interests.

We are greeting our brothers that are fighting the same battle, even if we do not share the same name, nationality, means of fighting or ideology. We are encouraging all actions taken against persons or institutions that are showing an evil behavior against the innocent. And yes, we have also watched "Ciutat Morta", we are also missing Patricia Heras and every other victim of the Police State of Spain. But in a country with endless police institutions, dictatorship reminiscent mentality and a sense of pleasure for torture, it cannot happen otherwise. People of Spain, do not sleep and do not eat, just fight them. We, Anonymous, are with you! Do not let a bunch of corrupted incompetents rule you, rule them! Democracy means power of the people, keep the dream alive! Fight with us!

"Cuerpo de Policia Nacional de España", you tried to hurt our brothers with fake charges that only demonstrate how rotten your institution is. They will walk free of charge since we believe justice is still healthy in Spain, but you unleashed the rage of our legions and today we are going at war! We are publishing a list of members of your "force" in order to make you understand how thin is the curtain (or the balaclava) behind which you are hiding. Make no mistake, with every action comes a counter reaction and we all have to pay for our acts! Today, with the help of your partners from MarketiNet S.L. (we are still trying to understand how that company can make websites for such important clients and code in such a shitty manner - by the way, please change the "mupol/Mupo2003" database credentials, we´re still in the damn server after 2 weeks :))) , approx. 5400 police members identities will be revealed and dumped into the FREE public domain, together with your ID numbers, emails and password hashes. The target was mupol.es, a mutual fund for Spanish policemen. We are not afraid of you because you represent everything that shouldn´t exist in a free world, you should be afraid of us because we represent freedom and the power of the masses. We know who Sprocket is and we have a feeling that his day to day life will soon become an unpleasant experience!

And if you, simple Spanish citizen, are reading this and are fearing us, doubting our ways and thinking that we are dangerous, please, do not forget! We are the ones fighting a war in the cyberspace against ISIS and any kind fundamentalist terrorism, pedophilia, corruption, we are the ones behind freedom projects like Wikileaks, or righteous leaks like the Panama Papers that expose "legitimate", otherwise impossible to punish thieves that are ruling you. Future cannot be other but freedom! Fight with us!

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
You didn´t expect us, did you?

https://zerobin.net/?8618e67ca1f24a28#mPIqgXOtEu6Cjwt2S6tJqJaLwoIPDyTk+NsFbrbiU5s =

Second Txt (3/6/16)

We r not #hackback & cops are not innocent ,#disgusted that anons are condemning our actions. Is #hacktivism dead? http://bit.ly/1P9rqLe

http://bit.ly/1P9rqLe = http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=301_1464948046


Greetings people of Spain, we are Anonymous.
We have watched the news and we have pulled our necessary conclusions.
Some of the Spanish press is still free, that is good news. But
some of the media is hardly influenced by the corrupt state power.
Let us be clear. We have leaked 5400 names of Police members, which is very different from leaking innocent people information. The war is on with an institution that we consider it needs hardcore reforms.
We know the Police does not pass laws. We are well aware of that.
But the practical application of the Gag Law could be a lot more moderated for the authority. There are many laws whose infringements are tolerated, just have a look at the crazy old laws we have in some
states of the USA. Masks cannot be worn in public in Alabama. You can serve up to 25 years in jail in Arizona for cutting down a cactus. But are these
laws enforced? Well, not really :)
Fining somebody for wearing an "All Cats Are Beautiful" inscription just because it resembles the ACAB - All Cops Are Bastards - is not normal in a european state.
It was said that this does not look like an Anonymous attack. But what is Anonymous if not a decentralized huge hacktivist organization without leadership or lists of members. "We-all"
are Anonymous!

It was said that the attack was not ethical, but how much time do you still want us to remain ethical? We have done it in Cincinatti and Turkey,
why do you believe we would not do it in Spain?
Is it ethical on the other hand to infiltrate an agent in a group, have him instigate
them to commit crime and then jail them as if the crime was their idea? Is it ethical to shoot rubber bullets
half-blinding somebody for life? Is it ethical to fine some tourist for taking pictures of a police car?
Is it ethical to beat and torture handcuffed, defenseless and desperate people inside a police station, in a room with no surveillance cameras, with a hugely disproportionate number of agents versus the victim? Think again!

What is non-ethical in leaking information that is supposed to be public?
Dear members of the National Spanish Police Force, we are all hiding behind masks, the difference is that our masks look a
lot more human than yours. Back to cyberspace, this attack was way more ethical than the attacks that the state authority
is launching using offensive tools like Galileo. The CNI bills are in the HT dump. Think again!
The only way to avoid our rage is to reform your ways. Any other effort to stop us will be in vain.
We already know that you will try to discredit us forging a ransom email. Think again!

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us!


gammagroupPR txt (2/6/16)

Sobre el hackeo al sindicato de los Mossos d'Escuadra y la filtración de información policial
Con el hackeo a los mossos he querido evidenciar que están espiando a activistas
y a movimientos sociales y libertarios. Tras 5 minutos de buscar "Mossos" en
google encontré la página del SME y la inyección sql. Pensé que el sitio no
tenía nada de valor que filtrar, así que solo hice backdoors en la páginas de
inicio de sesión para conseguir contraseñas que con suerte me darían acceso a
algo mas interesante, y estuve planeando usar el email @sme-mossos.cat para
hacer spearphish y conseguir acceso a las cosas mas importantes, pero por otro
lado no quería gastar mucho tiempo en ello, ya que estoy trabajando en cosas mas
interesantes en este momento. Un catalán me dijo que la base de datos con los
nombres y números de placa de los policías podrían ser muy útiles para los
reporteros que intentan identificar a dichos policías responsables de abusos de
autoridad, y yo en realidad no quería gastar mucho tiempo hackeando a los
mossos, así que decidí solamente hacer un defacement en su cuenta de twitter,
(anunciando que están cansados de ser los soldados del capitalismo y que van a
ir a la huelga lol) filtrar su base de datos y trabajo hecho. Después de que
borrasen el documento con los datos, puse un backup de los datos en un torrent,
sin ningún otro documento donde la gente pudiese ver todos los datos en un solo
click. Y tampoco presté atención al hecho de que en el torrent se incluía una
base de datos de 4200 estudiantes de la academia online del SME (algo así como
la mitad de los afiliados a la unión, así que sus datos están en esa lista, mas
la otra mitad es diferente). Mi objetivo era filtrar la información para que
cualquiera que quisiese investigar a la policía seriamente pudiese hacerlo, no
divulgarla para que gente aburrida gastase bromas telefónicas o pidiese pizzas a
sus casas (seamos honestos, ese es el único "peligro" real al que se enfrentan
tras la filtración)
(no soy @FkPoliceAnonOps)
Aunque siendo sincero, ciertamente no estoy en contra de la filtración de
información policial personal, se merecen todo lo que les pase. Si por ejemplo
una base de datos de los bomberos fuese filtrada, sería la cosa mas aburrida que
el mundo haya visto. En todo caso, lo único de lo que podrían preocuparse si sus
direcciones fuesen filtradas y publicadas sería de recibir kilos de cartas de
fans. Normalmente es un "escándalo" y "pone a la gente en peligro" cuando se
filtra información policial, esto es porque saben que la policía comete abusos
con total impunidad y les preocupa que la gente que no ha encontrado justicia en
el sistema judicial la busquen de todas formas. Por supuesto, no lo dicen, ya
que ello arruinaría el falso argumento de que la policía son solo inocentes
"servidores del pueblo" que no desean ser expuestos.
Por no mencionar que la información "privada" de la gente que parece mas
preocupada, por ejemplo sus direcciones, desde hace 138 años, son públicas...
A todos los hacktivistas que condenan este tipo de acciones les recomiendo dos
libros que han cambiado mucho mi visión sobre la militancia y resistencia
ilegal, "Cómo la no violencia protege al Estado" [1] y "Smash Pacifism: A
Critical Analysis of Gandhi and King" [2]. Aquellos que sienten la necesidad de
dividir el movimiento entre "bueno" o "malo" y condenan y demonizan a aquellos
que luchan de forma mas combativa, directa y con acciones ilegales, deben saber
que pacíficamente no van a ganar el favor de sus opresores ni van a salvarse de
la represión. Están equivocados, son perjudiciales e ignoran la historia.
[1] https://mars-infos.org/home/chroot_ml/ml-marseille/ml-marseille/public_html/IMG/pdf/noviolencia.pdf
[2] https://warriorpublications.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/smash-pacifism-zine.pdf

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